Politique Internationale

Le programme politique international de la fondation Heinrich Böll se donne pour mission d’accompagner les initiatives de réformes de certaines politiques ou accords internationaux établis auparavant par des gouvernements dictatoriaux, qui privilégiaient souvent les intérêts du pouvoir au dépens des intérêts de l’état ou ceux de la nation. L’objectif du programme tend à apporter un éclairage et une expertise sur les nouveaux critères qui régiront les négociations des accords internationaux sur des thématiques comme la politique de voisinage, les stratégies de partenariats, les politiques sociales et la souverainté de l'état.

La revue Perspective est une recueil des analyses politiques et des commentaires du Moyen Orient et de l'Afrique du Nord en Anglais.


Perspectives Issue #15 - Unboxing the Game: the Obvious & the Obscure


Politics are brimming with metaphoric references to games – be it the famous “Great Game” as the diplomatic confrontation of great powers in Asia at the beginning of the 20th century was referred to, the understanding of strategic moves in a region as a “chess board,” war “theatres” or references to the “players,” the strong of them framed as “actors,” the weak as “pawns”, or the crazy ones behaving like “wild cards.”

Perspectives #14 - Minorities Beyond Ethnic and Religious Divides

Put ‘Minorities in the Middle East’ into any search engine and a huge volume of articles are displayed insinuating that ethnic, tribal, family and sectarian affiliations are the only relevant factors needed to aid an understanding of the politics and societies of the Maghreb and Mashreq. Be it the often praised ‘mosaic’ of multi-ethnic and multi-religious societies, or the explanation and anticipation of actual and potential conflicts in the Middle East, that are shaped by ethnic, tribal or confessional affiliations, the reading has a flavour of exoticism and orientalism. So for this issue of Perspectives, we decided to ask authors in a broader sense about minority-majority relationships that can, but do not necessarily have to, tackle ethnic or confessional subjects.

Perspectives #13 - 'What's stirring? The region's politics dished out'

Countless combinations of tastes and textures shape the rich culinary landscape of the region. Bridging cultural differences and political rifts, food is a common thread for many in the Arabic speaking world. It is an essential part of a nation’s identity and sophisticated recipes are almost an issue of national pride: although most mouth-watering dishes are often the result of a long history of international migration of ingredients.

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