Regime Repression and Youth Radicalization in Egypt

Brutal regime repression, including rape and torture in detention, has initiated and fueled radicalization amoung youth activists who had originally adopted non-violent strategies. Similar to the Assad regime in Syria, Egypt's current rulers appear to be content that the most radical Jihadi groups emerge at the forefront of its opponents and make compromise appear impossible. The destruction of the Muslim Brotherhood, but also the leadership failures of the movement's top echelon, have left a whole generation adrift and receptive to radical ideologies and practices. Germany and the EU should return to a policy of strict conditionality determined by the priority of human rights. Initiatives that aim to re-insert youth into the political process need to be supported to prevent a massive increase in support for radical movements.

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February 2017
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  • Preface to the Series
  • Recruitment in detention
  • Radicalization and Resistance
  • Dimensions of Radicalization
  • Stopping the Slide