Stakeholders Report: Universal Periodic Review of Tunisia

Since the 2011 revolution, Tunisia has made considerable progress in terms of respect for rights and freedoms particularly those enshrined in the constitution adopted on, 27 January 2014. In contrast to the progress made in terms of collective rights and freedoms (including the freedoms of association, assembly, expression ...), individual freedoms experience a decline with a substantial increase in human rights violations. More specifically, the situation of the LGBTIQ community deserves special attention. In this context, the Tunisian coalition for the rights of LGBTIQ people, consisting of the associations: Damj (The Tunisian Association for Justice and Equality), Chouf, Kelmty, The Mawjoudin Initiative for Equality and Shams with the support of the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network submits this report on the occasion of the Universal Periodic Review of Tunisia scheduled for May 2017.

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May 2017
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