Wahid Ferchichi
Law professor at Tunis University

Wahid Ferchichi, holds a doctorate in law and is General Law professor at the Tunisian University and and director of the Environmental Law masters program at the Tunisian school of Law and Politics. He heads the Tunisian Foundation for Individual Liberties and is vice president of the Tunisian Foundation for Public Administrations Sciences. Mr Ferchichi has amongst other published the following studies: “Child labor in the Arab world” (Tunisia 2008), “Homosexuality in the laws of Arabic countries” (in corporation with Nizar Saghieh, Beirut 2009), “Independence of the Judiciary in Tunisia” (chapter in a book: “When judges assemble”, Beirut 2009), “Development and construction law” (Tunisia 2010) and “Nature reserves in Tunisian law” (Tunisia/ Geneva 2011).